Worst Collection Ever

Count Vertigo / Jon Lovitz

April 19, 201680 min
On this week's show, Jen and Shawn discuss:

Manhunter [vol 1] #7 (1988)

Highlights include:

- Dr. Alchemy's secret fetish
- Superman fights a shirtless Darkseid
- Manhunter drinks free coffee
- The Wall not giving a f**k
- Count Vertigo's goth days

The Defenders #131 (1984)

Highlights include:

- Jon Lovitz's last stand
- Iceman gives Hank McCoy a Dutch Oven
- Gargoyle's old-timey bathing suit
- Frog-Man disrobes in public
- what a walrus sounds like

Also, our cat makes an appearance and Shawn records the show topless!

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