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The Fixer / Valor with CHRIS MANCINI

April 12, 201682 min
On this week's show, we are joined by special guest Chris Mancini (COMEDY FILM NERDS, LA PODFEST). Chris is promoting his Kickstarter for his new graphic novel, LONG AGO AND FAR AWAY. Its a lot of fun and Chris is a good dude so you should support it. Head over to http://kck.st/1qk4Mtr to donate.

As for comic books, Jen and Shawn and Chris discuss:

Iron Man #202 (1986)

Highlights include:

- Ka-Zar is Marc Singer
- Trucker Heaven
- All the books in the West Coast
- quality parenting tips from Ka-Zar
- Iron Man in his Iron underwear

Valor #1 (1992)

Highlights include:

- cape clasp mechanics
- Stella Doro breakfast cookies
- Valor goes full Sipowicz
- beating your kids in space chess
- Blob Supergirl

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