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Sarah Bofinger: Swimmer, Triathlete, Trainer, and Coach

March 3, 201628 min
Today on Cannabis Confidential Dr. Dina is joined by Sarah Bofinger. Sarah Bofinger is a swimmer, a triathlete, a trainer, and a coach. She was born with hip dysplasia. After having arthritis and hip pain for years mostly affected by changes in the weather, she began to experience her worst pain yet in December of 2013. After experiencing such great pain, Sarah went to see an orthopedic physician to try to find a solution. He took some x-rays and told her she was fine, leaving her with unanswered questions about her pain and weather she should be taking anything for it. Her frustration began to grow now that she was taking all kinds of over-the-counter medications and prescriptions to try to help her arthritis and hip pain.

A few months later she was invited to a seminar for fitness professionals on integrative wellness and how it can help with sports performance and physical recovery. The doctor at the event helped her learn about all the different natural supplements I could be taki

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