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Candice Marschke and Lior Gantz

March 30, 201733 min
Lior Gantz:
Bio + Expert speaker, that is on interviews, live radio and podcasts, receives many thank you and feedback for his honesty and easy to understand explanations that are simple to relate to.
Lior has been nicknamed “Globeionaire” by millionaire entrepreneurs, investors, and businessmen who have seen him in action. He has a global approach to life and business, and that’s where the name originates from. Over the past 16 years, Lior has built, run, and managed various exciting ventures across 2 continents. With Portfolio Wealth Global, Lior provides a glimpse into his inner thoughts and work processes, so loyal members get to grow and expand their financial expertise along with him. His drive to consistently outperform the markets with an elevated degree of safety on one end and his commitment to seek out and find the most explosive “under the radar” opportunities on the other end will be clear to you with every word you read.
Lior’s essential goal is to help you become wealthi

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