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Deana with the GreenHeart Foundation

August 11, 20167 min
Russ Belville is joined by Deana with The GreenHeart Foundation at the 2016 Portland Indo Expo. The GreenHeart Foundation is currently developing the means required to safeguard, document, appraise, insure and find the final Home of Honor for the Bartholomew Collections of rare Bhutanese and Lao textile art.

The GreenHeart Foundation is a humanitarian project that aims to establish self-sustaining textile industries in traditional societies through the revitalization of cultural art forms that promote meaning, identity and livelihood. Begun in Laos in 1995, the GreenHeart Foundation funded and initiated textile training for local artisans in six northern villages. In these efforts, the goals were providing an alternative to sex slavery for young girls, funding bomb removal teams to clear unexploded ordnance from civilian land, and fund much-needed village infrastructure, most prominently facilities for clean drinking water and education.

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