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Nug Tools and Daily Leaf

March 20, 201726 min
Rob Green, CEO of NugTools
The Nuggy by NugTools is the smoker's multi-tool. It consolidates ten different smoking functions into a single elegant device. Each stainless steel tool stays in place during use with a spring-locked system and is stored within a hard plastic case that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand or in your pocket. It only weighs .5 pounds and comes in handy for all occasions. Each of its tools is equipped with an easy to use lever, so handling it is simple and safe. The Nuggy is the ultimate Swiss Army Knife for smokers.
Stephen Gold, cofounder of The Daily Leaf --, awarded “Best Marijuana Tech Product” by Dope Magazine, is a real-time resource, created by Stephen Gold and Andy Yashar, that helps drive information to cannabis consumers. Touted as a “Groupon for Cannabis” in the early developmental stages, The Daily Leaf has blossomed into a platform that helps consumers find local information pertaining to dispensary de

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