Medical Marijuana Patient Jessamyn Way

August 23, 201628 min
Today on Hempresent Vivian McPeak is joined by medical marijuana patient Jessamyn Way. During the pregnancy of her fifth child, Jessamyn developed terrible migraine headaches, fainting spells, and blood pressure problems. After the birth of her child she was sent to a hospital ER where a CAT scan revealed that she had a brain tumor deep within her skull. She was told that her prognosis was very grim and that she had a dismal 5-10% chance of surviving the required surgery.She became resigned to the fact that she would be leaving behind her children ages 11 days, 2, 4, and 14 years old.

Miraculously she survived the operation, but Jessamyn was left with severe epilepsy. The medications prescribed had only limited successes controlling her severe seizures. As many as 25 different pharmaceutical medications were tried in maximum doses with up to 6 different types at a time. Rather than preventing her seizures, these medications left her with side-effects and complications such as GERD, Fi

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