The Grow Show With Kyle Kushman

John Holmstrom, Founder of PUNK Magazine

March 16, 201633 min
Today on the Grow Show Kyle Kushman is joined by John Holmstrom, an illustrator, writer, and seasoned publisher. Some of his most well-known illustrations are the covers of two Ramones albums, as well as a comic-based chronology of punk rock for Spin Magazine in a special “punk culture” issue. You can find some awesome illustrations at his website

As a publisher he’s practically a legend for defining and presenting the best of anti-establishment culture. Founding PUNK Magazine in 1975, his work was quickly picked up as a practical visual representation of the Punk era. You want to know what the difference between “punk” and “glam” is? Ask John Holmstrom – he KNOWS. After the magazine stopped publication in 1979, he began work on a number of collaborative projects with the likes of The Village Voice and Heavy Metal magazines, and then joined forces with High Times in the late 80’s. By 1991 he had risen in the ranks of High Times, growing from Managing Editor to Pu

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