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Barry Soper on Todd Muller's handling of Hamish Walker's privacy breach

The Mike Hosking Breakfast

National MP leader Todd Muller is hinting Hamish Walker should fall on his sword.
The Clutha-Southland MP has had his portfolios stripped from him after sending Covid-19 patients' details to the media.
Muller says Walker's actions are appalling but he hasn't asked the MP to step down, and says Walker hasn't offered his resignation either.
Newstalk ZB Political editor Barry Soper says Walker's future as an MP is now untenable.
Soper told Mike Yardley the board will almost certainly de-select Walker as the Clutha-Southland candidate, when it meets today.
"You can’t have a leader saying he has lost confidence in a very junior MP. The board will reflect on that, and he will be gone."
Soper says Todd Muller knew about all this on Monday.
He says the National Party's board should have met yesterday.
"It would’ve look much more assertive for Todd Muller to come out and say, he doesn’t have my confidence, the board agrees with me and he will be de-selected in the Clutha-Southland electorate."
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