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James Shaw on the Greens disappointing result in latest poll

The Mike Hosking Breakfast

Disappointment for the Greens as the latest poll has them on the cusp of missing out on a return to Parliament.
The party's dipped slightly in the 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll, down one point to five percent support.
Co-leader James Shaw told Mike Hosking it would be disappointing if they weren't able to return.
"It would be a real loss to the country, as we are the party that's pushed faster for climate change awareness and inequality than anyone else."
And James Shaw has observed the even more precarious position of New Zealand First.
It's polling just two percent in last night's poll.
Shaw says where New Zealand First stands in the polls, says it all.
'It's telling you that Winston Peters' strategy to be the opposition within government is backfiring."
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