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Graeme Peters: Government announces $17 million plan to create energy sector competition

The Mike Hosking Breakfast

The Government is hoping to keep power prices down by stirring up competition in the sector.
About a million New Zealanders are expected to benefit from a $17 million package, which includes setting up an energy advocacy council and energy hardship group to help those struggling to pay their bills.
The funds will go towards developing a network of community services, alongside the previously announced doubling of the winter energy payment.
Electricity Networks Association chief Graeme Peters told Mike Hosking power prices are actually low if you adjust for inflation, but it's about knowing where to look.
"There's plenty of competition, but it's whether people are taking advantage of that competition and getting the best deals.
"And I think that's something the Government is still working on."
He says the initiative is necessary. 
"The bigger companies can advocate for themselves, but households, small businesses, they don't really have a seat at the table at the moment." 
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