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Sharon Cullwick: Landlords unhappy with Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill

The Mike Hosking Breakfast

Landlords aren't happy about changes to the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill.
The legislation will end 90 day no-cause evictions, meaning landlords must offer more robust reasons for getting rid of tenants.
Property Investors Federation executive officer Sharon Cullwick told Mike Hosking 20 per cent of landlords could leave the industry.
"If tenants think it's hard finding a house now, it will be just about impossible in a few months if it passes."
Cullwick told Mike Hosking problems will arise if one tenant starts to cause trouble.
"One tenant will be able to stay at the property and all the other good tenants will have to keep moving, because it's so hard to remove the one disruptive and antisocial tenant."
The bill has its second reading in the House today.
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