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Chris Finlayson: Former Attorney General reacts to unlawful lockdown ruling

The Mike Hosking Breakfast

The Attorney-General could appeal against a ruling that the first nine days of the lockdown was unlawful.
The High Court says it was justified but that people weren't legally required to stay home until April 3.
Former Attorney General and barrister, Chris Finlayson, told Mike Hosking the Attorney-General would want to have a good look at the judgement.
“David Parker has 20 working days to decide whether he'll lodge an appeal. But I consider it to be a very solid judgement.”
Tim Stephens, from the New Zealand Law Society, says there probably won't be any practical implications.
He says the most important thing about the ruling was vindication of the rule of law.
Stephens says it's a declaration about the fact that government statements about what the law was -- were incorrect.
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