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Neale Jones and Brigitte Morten: What will happen on Election Day?

The Mike Hosking Breakfast

It's the last day of campaigning - and one political commentator thinks the election is a foregone conclusion.
Former Labour senior adviser Neale Jones told Mike Hosking 60 percent have already voted.
"We kind of know what the polls are, and the campaign feels like it's been about two and a half months long, so I'll just be glad for it all to be over to be honest with you." 
But former National senior adviser Brigitte Morten says there are also a lot of unknowns.
She says we don't have the public polling we used to have in New Zealand, so there's not as much consistency.
"Polls are about trends and what's been happening back and forth, but ultimately, the poll is tomorrow night."
Jones and Morten will be joining Mike Hosking and Barry Soper live during Newstalk ZB's election coverage tomorrow night.
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