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Mark the Week: The winners and losers after the election - The Mike Hosking Breakfast

The Mike Hosking Breakfast

Time to mark the week; the little piece of news and current events that’s as effective as Caleb Clarke with a ball in his hand, and an Australian in front of him.
The election: 7
We got a result, and aren't sitting here this morning beholden to Winston Peters.

Winston Peters: 6
He hung in there a long time, got awfully influential for various periods, was both good and hopeless...but rarely boring.
The Greens: 3
Not because they didn’t get a good result. But MMP is a weird old beast and oh the irony of having more MPs but being basically a spare “you know what” at a wedding.
Banks: 7
Upgrading their forecasts, reminding us the end of the world didn’t come. It ain't over, but it's not Armageddon.

Dairy: 8
Milk price forecast up. If ever we needed to realise the value of the country, now's it. Farming and tourism: one is bust, one is saving us.
Pens: 3
A million bucks to order and ship 3.6 million pens from china so we could use them to vote, then throw them in a landfill. You wait, Greta will tweet a picture of a turtle with one stuck ups its nose, and we'll all know where that came from.

Jobs: 7
The weirdest thing: on one hand, people are retraining. On another, people cant get out of bed and everyone from fruit-growers to hoteliers are screaming for help over lack of skills. How is it we can have so many jobless and so many jobs and dots aren't joined?

Jobs: 7
Good stats, listings are up, not what they were a year ago, but better than they have been.
Houses: 9
You know why.

The Reserve Bank: 3
How is it they can lower rates, make banks lower rates so we can lend, then when we borrow and buy houses they panic. What is it they actually want? And in fact do they even know?

The Cathedral: 2
A decade on, and the bills gone from 100 million to 150 million. 50 million is a lot to pay for procrastination and bickering.

Krispies: 6
Is that really a biscuit to form a government on?

School zones: 4
More meddling that will lead no where.

Briscoes: 7
Repaying the wage subsidy; good on them. If they feel good, everyone's a winner but this thing and its moral outrage has got a bit out of control.

Space: 8
Exciting week: they got some dirt from an asteroid and Nokia is building a phone network on the moon.

Mystery breaks: 6
Air NZ sending you to…well that’s the point...that's the mystery. But $3,200 for 2 is a lot of money to end up in Hokitika. Nothing against Hokitika.

South Australia: 8
Pleading with our PM to open our side of the bubble...good luck. She took the border key and swallowed it months back.

That’s the week. Copies on the website and you get a free one of these for the long weekend if you park in a Wilson building as an early bird.
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