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Adrian Littlewood: Covid-19 leaves 3 years recovery in International Aviation - The Mike Hosking Breakfast

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Auckland Airport expects that International aviation won’t recover for three years.
Just a remainder on how harsh the virus has been on some industries.
With the uncertain future ahead, the government is urged to work and develop a health security system which allows living norms despite Covid-19 being in the community.
Auckland Airport Chief Executive Adrian Littlewood has compared this pandemic’s effects to the industry to the effects during 9/11.
“I think we are seeing that kind of model at large.”
Littlewood told Mike Hosking that the airport is ready to travel to parts of the Pacific and other non-hotspot Australian states if the government allows them to.
“Look we are ready to go, our airport is separated… into two separate areas for safe travel and different category risk.”
He says he is confident that demand will be high for those services and capacity will not be an issue.
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