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Kellie Lavender: Lockdown surges surge in referrals to eating disorder specialists - The Mike Hosking Breakfast

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There are calls for more resources to help people with eating disorders and other psychological issues.
There's been a surge of referrals to eating disorder specialists since the Covid-19 lockdowns, with many waiting lists more than three months long.
Eating Disorders Clinic co-director Kellie Lavender told Tim Dower we've underestimated how the lockdowns have affected people's mental health, especially adolescence.
She says we need to look at how people can be seen quicker.
"How can we train specialists in this area to make sure the services people have access to are evidence based and are consistent?" 
Lavender says demand has doubled at their clinic, as the lockdown period has been particularly isolating for some people.
"That means that their mood lowers and it could actually increase or change their eating behaviour towards possibly eating more, eating less, or possibly exercising more and eating less."
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