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Mike Hosking: Haters may have to get used to a second term of Trump - The Mike Hosking Breakfast

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This time next week, what do you think?
Surely we have learned enough to know if you rule Trump out, you have learned nothing.
Is it possible Trump will win? Yes. Is it likely he will win? Possibly.
Is it likely Biden will win? You would think so.
Polls - I can tell you most of the polls show Biden leading nationally, in most of the states he’s needs to lead, on various issues with various people.
If the polls told the story, the story for Trump would be over.
But polls don’t tell the story, do they? And yet despite knowing that, despite everything we saw in 2016, the media still obsess about the polls and use them as justification for their largely pro-Biden views.
The fake Melania story was back over the weekend. That’s how mad it’s got, stories that he uses a fake wife.
Ask yourself why, why would you use a fake wife? For what end, what does it achieve or solve. If the real Melania doesn’t want to be seen? And yet main stream newspapers run this crap as though it’s normal.
To be fair, Trump doesn’t help. The rise is Covid cases over the weekend; Trump argues is a mainstream media conspiracy. It isn’t, of course: the numbers are real and he knows it.
If the media's job is to serve the public, if Trump wins a lot of them should be sacked. They’ve run an overt, dangerous and often dishonest campaign against him.
Like the Democrats, they couldn’t believe they lost. They hate Trump, they have never got over that or moved on. Lord knows what they will do if he wins this time next week.
Now what might happen is Trump wins but the senate falls. That would make him like Obama, a lame duck president.
The thing is what those who hate have always hated are the madness, the unconventionality the freewheeling lack of normalcy.
You hear it when Obama speaks, his disdain for the lack of regard for the office, but in that they forget why he won in the first place, he’s not a politician. He didn’t have to be there, still doesn’t, so of course he’s crazy.
And yes if you want to, you can mount a case over the nuttiness of the whole episode from the hirings and firings, the arrests of the associates, the probes, the tax, and the debts.
But I look at him this week at those rallies and I remember the same scenes in 2016. He’s relentless, he out energises Biden a thousand to one.
For all the madness, there’s actually a semi decent record of achievement: he has actually, if you can get out of the way of your anger, got stuff done.
This is the beauty of the American system. You get two terms max. The second is won based on the success of the first.
If he wins, the haters are going to have to sober up and suck it up, because if what they say is right, he wouldn’t even be in the race, and yet he is.
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