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Sir Peter Gluckman: New Zealand needs to develop its knowledge economy - The Mike Hosking Breakfast

The Mike Hosking Breakfast

Scientists say Kiwi innovation hasn't progressed as far as it could or should - and now's the time for a reset.
Economists and researchers at Auckland University's Koi Tū says we have a unique opportunity to develop research and development and grow the knowledge economy.
Director Sir Peter Gluckman told Mike Hosking we need strategies for the economy, environment and social justice that extend beyond political cycles.
"New Zealand politics and New Zealand society is really short term in its thinking. We need to be thinking about where we will be 10, 20 years from now."
He says creating a knowledge hub will help attract multinational companies and foreign investment.
"We have the lowest activity by large companies of any OECD country. Without large companies, we're not going to grow economies to the scale we need." 
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