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Mark the Week: I'm not sure why players don't want Silver Lake deal - The Mike Hosking Breakfast

The Mike Hosking Breakfast

At the end of each week, Mike Hosking takes you through the big ticket items and lets you know what he makes of it all.

New Zealand Rugby's Silver Lake Deal: 8/10

"The more I know, the more it makes sense.

And why the Players Association, in other words the union, don’t want it, I don’t get."

Auckland's Queen Street: 1/10

"A symbol of all that is wrong with this country's biggest city and engine room.

A failed shambles and an ideological minefield.

When business owners are suing the city, you know it's out of control."

Singapore: 8/10

"A signal for the rest of the planet. They have a date for their bubble with Hong Kong.

They want Australia in, they want the world back, and they want to be seen as the country leading the way.

That's what we need more of, aspiration.

And that’s why they got made number one for their Covid response this week."  

Disneyland Reopening: 7/10

"It's open again, and was part of a real week of global hope.

From Britain, to Italy, to the US and beyond, restrictions are being lifted, needles are in arms, and there is hope in the air."

The Oscars: 2/10

"The Queen Street of entertainment.

Once fun, enjoyed, followed, and watched.

Now each year they still set records, but for the number of people who no longer can be bothered."

EU Wanting Control over Halloumi: 3/10

"In a week they officially put Brexit to bed, a reminder of just what a bunch of narrow minded, miserly navel gazers the EU are."

Crocs: 7/10

"I don’t like them, but so what?

They're hot, they're the “it” shoe of the pandemic, and they're a success story.

They go along with all the other success stories we heard from this week in the US reporting season."

The NRL: 7/10

"Conferences and an expanded competition, it's got real potential."

Shaun Johnson Wanting to Come Back to the Warriors: 4/10

"Still good, but not that good.

Proof that the Warriors have moved on."

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Mark the Week: I'm not sure why players don't want Silver Lake deal - The Mike Hosking Breakfast