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Mike Hosking: When do we start demanding better over Covid? - The Mike Hosking Breakfast

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We need to be asking ourselves some big picture questions.
Britain’s green light is on and the travel list is out. We are part of that group of countries where we can roll into London MIQ free. They can’t come here, of course, on the same deal.
Vaccinated travellers all over the world are now starting to get on planes and fly and we as of now are missing out
Singapore is on that list so Brits will be arriving there and spending their money and spreading the word.
Singapore has a containment strategy, not an elimination strategy like us, and they are now ranked as the best in the world at dealing with Covid.
Our issue, according to our esteemed leader who told us a few weeks ago when we asked when the borders would be opening to vaccinated travellers, said that was an open question, which is code for she hasn’t thought about it.
But here is what we know. A vaccine prevents you from dying and even getting really sick. It doesn’t always stop you completely from transmission, it might but it’s not full proof.
Now, that isn’t changing any time soon so obviously there is an element of risk involved.
Covid is like flu. It’s a virus you probably need a jab for on an ongoing basis.
So if that’s your scenario, what’s your call? When do we join the rest of the world or are we going to let the world carry on without us?
At some point a level of normality will have returned and places like Britain and the states are seeing their vaccination programmes as being comprehensive enough to be able to do that
Is it really possible the fear instilled in us by a government bereft of a plan beyond a closed border is really going to let the world get back to life and keep us locked up?
The Australian Trade Minister, for example, has been in London tying up their free trade deal. Has our trade minister left the country? No.  
As each day passes it becomes clearer where this story is heading. Vaccines work, the quicker you complete your programme, the more normal you can become, the world is clearly more than happy to drop restrictions lower borders and get life on a new track.
We sit here unvaccinated, borders closed, and no decision around what is next how and when.
It seems odd and increasingly criminal we can be recognised for a solid Covid response but because of our own fear and lack of planning cut ourselves out of the joining the rest of the world.
When do we start demanding better?
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Mike Hosking: When do we start demanding better over Covid? - The Mike Hosking Breakfast