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Irene King: Domestic market isn't enough to save Air New Zealand jobs

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Air New Zealand staff are taking yet another battering from Covid-19.
More than 1300 workers will lose their jobs, with the airline announced fresh staffing cuts affecting all routes.
Long and mid haul workers will lose 950 jobs, and 300 domestic crew members will be made redundant across Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.
Regional airlines are also affected by the cuts, with 97 jobs being scrapped by Air Nelson and Mt Cook Airline.
E tu's Rachel Mackintosh says many employees have committed years to making Air New Zealand a world class airline only to now be out of work.
She says the airline needs to be more transparent, accommodating and compassionate.
Aviation commentator Irene King told Andrew Dickens that the reality is very tough for all aviation companies around the world.
She says that even if the company is moving towards the domestic market, that won't sustain them long-term.
"What we're seeing now is domestic network sustained by domestic travellers. So they are rebuilding and they don't have a clear vision of what the recovery is going to look like."
King says that Air New Zealand has to be cautious.
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