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Tom Decent: Australian reporter on the leaked minutes on Rugby Championship schedule

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New Zealand Rugby are refusing to budge on a December 5 finish to The Rugby Championship.
The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that leaked minutes of a meeting between the SANZAAR chief executives shows that New Zealand were not "blindsided" by the announcement of the six-week tournament.
The Sydney Morning Herald stated: "Leaked minutes from a meeting of SANZAAR CEOs have revealed New Zealand Rugby agreed to play a six-week Rugby Championship which would finish on December 12, despite their insistence otherwise."
The SMH says it sourced the minutes from New Zealand. They "clearly show" the six-week format was agreed upon by all four nations.
The current schedule has the side playing on December 12, but New Zealand Rugby Players Association boss Rob Nichol told Mike Hosking that's unacceptable.
'It's our players and tram management that are going to be asked to go through this, and until we get some transparency on operation on the table, then we're not going to be committing to anything.
"There's a whole lot of solutions that we could put on the table and our on the table. We need people to look at them."
However, Sydney Morning Herald reporter Tom Decent told Heather du Plessis that this has become a 'he said, she said' battle. 
"Mark Robinson was well aware that it was going to be signed off for a six week Rugby Championship to finish on December 12, and that hasn't gone down to well with the All Blacks and the staff."
He says documentation shows that Robinson was present and that this schedule was what was agreed to. 
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