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Julia Robson: Kiwi PI brings down epic conman

Saturday Morning with Jack Tame

When former Kiwi cop turned private investigator Julia Robson was asked to investigate someone’s ex-boyfriend seven years ago, she had no idea what she was about to get herself into.  Julia, who now lives in Melbourne does a lot of online investigations and background searches in her work as an investigator. She describes herself as a "modern day sleuth minus the trenchcoat". But one case in particular has become personal, looking a man who we first know as “Charlie”. He's left a string of jilted and out-of-pocket lovers.It’s such a good yarn that she’s turned it into a podcast called "Chasing Charlie", and she's been giving Jack Tame some of the back story. LISTEN TO JULIE'S INTERVIEW WITH JACK TAME ABOVE 
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