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Paul Stenhouse: Are you ready to go into space?

Saturday Morning with Jack Tame

Samsung has a TV especially for outdoor viewing 
It's called The Terrace. A TV designed to be put outside, in direct sunlight. It's water resistant, dust resistant, has incredible brightness so it is still viewable even when the sun is shining directly on it. It's in a rugged industrial, yet sleek, case which looks great on the wall - although it is certainly thicker than your indoor TV. There is a companion sound bar called the Terrace Soundbar, which too is water and dust resistant.  Both are available today in the US & Canada. It's coming to NZ & Australia later this year - just in time for summer.
SpaceX is about to put people into Space 
It's happening this week! May 27 in the USA will, all going to plan, be the first time that a private company has put a person into Space. It's also the first time in more than a decade that a crewed spacecraft will launch from the USA. they've been buying seats on Russian rockets. Two people will be onboard the Crew Dragon capsule, headed to the International Space Station. It's got a very sleek and modern interior with touch pads, rather than walls covered in knobs, buttons and joysticks that you've seen in spacecraft so far. 
Liftoff will be from The Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral on Wednesday at 4:33pm - 8:33am Thursday NZT. National Geographic and ABC News will have it live on all their platforms, including YouTube, Facebook and more. LISTEN TO AUDIO ABOVE 
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