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Paul Stenhouse: Trump's social media ban - Saturday Morning with Jack Tame

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Trump is forced to stay off Facebook & Instagram for now
The basics of the ruling was that the board believes that Facebook did the right thing - suspending the account for enough time to protect against "imminent harm". Facebook has a pretty clear policy and approach to this. 
Here's something odd though.. there's a bit of a technicality. At the moment Trump's ability to post is turned off indefinitely, but he's not permanently suspended. THey have a policy which allows for a permanent suspension, but not the ability to prevent someone from posting indefinitely. So that has given the Board the ability to send this decision back to Facebook to basically re-sentence Trump within the rules of the policies - and to provide reasoning - within six months.   Clubhouse is trying Shows
Clubhouse started as an app to allow you to effectively be a talk back radio show host. It's only been around a year, and it's valued at $4 billion. The trouble with the app though is that when you open it up, you're at the mercy of the live content at that very moment. Something fantastic might have just happened, but since it was live you missed it. So now they're paying to create 50 'shows' - giving selected 'creators' on the platform $5k a month to create. I imagine they'll try and schedule these so there is always something they like when you open the app. Facebook & Twitter have already launched their clones, which aren't too bad. LISTEN ABOVE 
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Paul Stenhouse: Trump's social media ban - Saturday Morning with Jack Tame