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Family Therapy: Life is What You Notice - The Breakfast Club

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The Black Effect Presents... Family Therapy!

In this episode Jay and David have separate sessions that both revolve around the theme of personal growth and self-improvement. They also explore the concept of rediscovering one's true self and finding happiness and fulfillment in life.


The conversation is divided into two main chapters: 'Jay's Journey to Personal Growth and Being Present' and 'David's Desire for Consistency and Understanding How to Live with Grief.'


During Jay and Elliott’s session, Jay expresses her desire for change and a clear strategy to move forward in her life. We learn more about the separation from her partner David and the importance of being happy and the difference it would make despite all and current circumstances. Elliott encourages Jaylin to take small steps towards change and to pay attention to the clues that she is moving closer to being her true self

The conversation with David highlights the need to overcome obstacles and maintain a mindset of resilience. Elliott and David discuss the power of remembering and honoring their loved ones who have passed away, and how it can inspire them to be their best selves. Elliott asks David what would be different if he were to acknowledge his ascended loved ones and realize the opportunity remains to make them proud.

During both of these sessions and moving forward, Elliott will challenge the family members weekly to inspire them to start living as the best version of themselves irregardless of life’s perpetual challenges.

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Family Therapy: Life is What You Notice - The Breakfast Club