Early Edition with Kate Hawkesby •

Vanesha Din: People out of work urged to emphasise their transferable skills

Early Edition with Kate Hawkesby

New Zealanders looking for jobs are being advised to prepare wisely for the application process.
Many Kiwis have lost their jobs in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the unemployment rate expected to peak at 9.8 percent in September.
Sprout Recruitment's Vanesha Din told Kate Hawkesby employers want to see people who stand out and make an effort in their application, and those who have transferable skills.
"Organisations have to really rely what kind of core competencies people can bring into that role, and what can they train in."
Din says people need to stay positive, be proactive and patient.
She says it's daunting entering a new industry, but people need to be confident in their abilities.
"Just remember those transferable skills, things like problem-solving, communication, analytics. These are probably all things people have done in quite different roles."
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