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Australia's call for Covid-19 inquiry met with widespread support - Early Edition with Kate Hawkesby

Early Edition with Kate Hawkesby

Australian correspondent Donna Demaio talks with Kate Hawkesby about Australia's push for an inquiry into Covid-19.
Australia's call for an inquiry has been met with plenty of support, with around 122 countries, including New Zealand, backing the call.
The World Health Assembly met last night where calls were fielded for an impartial evaluation of responses to the pandemic.
Ms Demaio says WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says an independent evaluation of the global coronavirus response will be launched as soon as possible.
"He says we all have lessons to learn from the pandemic and all countries should examine their results."
Ms Demaio adds China were threatening to impose a tariff on Australian barley, and already blocked beef imports and accused the country of politicising the pandemic.
But China are now backing the deal.
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