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Steve Herman: Biden hits out at Trump, says he is 'part of the problem' - Early Edition with Kate Hawkesby

Early Edition with Kate Hawkesby

Presidential hopeful Joe Biden claims Donald Trump is accelerating systemic racism, after the US President threatened to unleash the military if violent protests in America cannot be contained.
Biden has criticised Trump's move to stand outside a church holding a bible, suggesting he should instead open it and learn something.
Voice of America's White House Bureau chief Steve Herman told Kate Hawkesby that is the tone most Democrats are taking.
"Not only was this a very unnecessary and dangerous photo op, but that the President really isn't sincere.
"The bishop of the Episcopal Church where he went without their notice also said that she objected to this vehemently and if the President had wanted to come into the Church to pray or to speak about George Floyd, then he most certainly would have been welcomed, but no the way this was done.
Mr Herman said Trump's call to ring in the military most definitely "stoked the fire".
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