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Marie Dhyrberg: How the mosque shooter's trial will play out without his lawyers

Early Edition with Kate Hawkesby

A top lawyer is confident plans will be put in place to stop the sentencing of the Christchurch mosque gunman becoming a circus.
Brenton Tarrant sacked his lawyers - after earlier pleading guilty to killing 51 people and injuring another 40 in the mosque attacks last March.
His decision to defend himself means he'll now be able to speak in court.
Marie Dyhrberg QC told Tim Dower the public will feel that means Tarrant can do and say whatever he pleases and be able to spout ideologies and his cause.
"That would be very disturbing and upsetting for the victims
"In reality, that is not going to be allowed to happen."
She says the judge will prepare, and work with court staff and security to tightly control the sentencing.
But she says the Judge must take into consideration why the defendant did what he did.
"Ideology is likely to come into it, and even if the public do not like what they hear, there will need to be that aspect."
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