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Judith Collins: "Vital" voters know Ihumātao decision, latest poll "ridiculous" - Early Edition with Kate Hawkesby

Early Edition with Kate Hawkesby

National leader Judith Collins wants the current Government to communicate better with voters around their Ihumātao decision.
Finance Minster Grant Robertson says the Government is still working on a deal with Fletchers, but will not elaborate pre or post the 2020 election around what they will do.
Ms Collins told Kate Hawkesby if the Government is not transparent, it sets a bad precedent.
"If the Government had inserted itself in a dispute like this, then starts fronting up with tax payer money to buy off people and put more money into the situation where it didn't need to be involved in the first place.
"What's going to happen to every other issue that comes along where people are suddenly going to say look we want the Government to come involve themselves.
"It's simply a very bad precedent."
Ms Collins believes Labour voters will care what tax payer money gets used for.
Meanwhile, the latest Newhsub poll has National sitting at 25 per cent, well below Labour who are soaring at 60 per cent.
However Ms Collins does not buy into the poll's validity.
"It's completely a ridiculous poll.
"We know exactly where we are tracking, we are tracking much closer to the Massey-Stuff survey which came out the day before, which has us closer to the 40 per cent mark."
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