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Max Harris: Team of Six Million group says Government's quarantine charge policy is unfair - Early Edition with Kate Hawkesby

Early Edition with Kate Hawkesby

A group against charging returnees says the Government's proposed costs are unfair.
The Government's looking to charge New Zealanders staying here for less than 90 days, or who leave New Zealand after the regulations come into force.
Team of Six Million co-organiser Max Harris told Kate Hawkesby they don't believe there's enough data around people coming home for a holiday to warrant this policy.
"The lack of evidence means the Government is unable to give a number of the number of people coming back for leisure.”
Harris says it's unfair to shift to a user pays system.
He says coming back to New Zealand should be a benefit everyone should have, and the proposed fees will cause a situation where some people won't be able to afford to come home.
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