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Adele Ross: Govt cracking down on manufacturers' waste

Early Edition with Kate Hawkesby

Manufacturers will now have to take more responsibility for what happens to their products, when they become waste.
The Government has announced a plan for mandatory schemes to crack down on the likes of packaging, tyres and e-waste.
The plan will hopefully prevent old couches and fridges, among other things, being dumped.
3-R Group is a product stewardship service, and CEO Adele Ross told Kate Hawkesby the supply chain will have to co-design a scheme to deal with a product from point of sale to the end of its life.
Ms Ross says producers already design electrical goods so they can be taken apart easily.
She adds University students may be given a couch or fridge they don't need it anymore, then it goes on the rubbish heap.
"For the landlords and the students, they would actually know exactly where they can take that to, that won't cost them for getting rid of it."
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