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Andrew Ridling: Airlines taking advantage of relaxed physical distancing rules

Early Edition with Kate Hawkesby

Easing restrictions on domestic flights will help our airlines get off the ground.
The Government's eased physical distancing rules on public transport and aeroplanes.
It'll mean airline carriers are able to sell the middle seat on jets - giving them better profits on flights.
Air New Zealand announced it would introduce 160-thousand fares of 50 dollars or less into the market.
Soon after that, Jetstar revealed it'd be roaring back to our skies later this week.
The NZ Aviation Coalition says the removal of physical distancing seating requirements on planes was great news for airlines.
It cleared the way for airlines to be able to fill their planes. For travellers this will mean more available seats, more flights and affordable fares to choose from, said co-chair Justin Tighe-Umbers.
''With school holidays coming up so many more Kiwis will now be able to get out around the country, visit loved ones or head on holiday.''
It was a pragmatic decision from the Ministry of Health which recognised that mandatory masks for everyone on board and existing airline measures will keep travellers safe.
''Having seating restrictions removed from alert level 2 means that the domestic network can continue to operate without losing up to three quarters of normal capacity which is impossible for airlines to keep up,'' he said.
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