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102: Marco Is Not a Platform

January 30, 201596 min
Follow-up: Handwriting recognition with non-Roman languages (via @dansherson) Marco's possibly-hypocritical (but not hypercritical) thoughts on Apple developer relations The Talk Show #107: Now It's All Floppy Overcast earnings Hello Internet #6: Delete, Flag, Delete, Reply Analog(ue) #16: I Don't Trust Systems Back to Work How do you learn a new language? Casey's blog post Tour of Go Stack Overflow NSHipster Apple's earnings Brewster's Millions Debug #60: Shipping Software The Talk Show #108: 'Malapros' Andy Matuschak interview What's going on with Fake sponsor break for two awesome conferences on the British Isles: NSConference Úll CGP Grey explains the United Kingdom How to pronounce UK place names Familiarity and Progress (via Gary Bernhardt) Bad Assumptions Horace Dediu (Asymco) quote Macalope Sega VR Post-show: Microsoft today HoloLens Kinect Maya Rocket Oculus John's sad TV news John's TV Destiny HUD HUD Issues Full House Sponsored by: Learn at your own pace from expert-taught video tutorials. Free 10-day trial. Squarespace: A better web starts with your website. Use promo code ATP for 10% off, and check out Jeff Bridges' Sleeping Tapes.

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