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116: Women Aren't a Minority

May 8, 2015121 min
Pre-show: Marco defends his backyard duck from raccoons Follow-up: HFS+ and Network Attached Storage The Synology we use is the DS1813+, but the DS1815+ is the modern version DS214play Saving and transferring edits between photo apps Flickr gives 1 TB free (via @VJGoh) Disabling iCloud Photo Library 1 & 2 LaunchControl for managing launchd jobs Microsoft, iOS, Swift (via @esusatyo) Swift is being worked on Presentation video Marco versus the raccoons, illustrated How do we encourage more women to listen to ATP? John's tweet Rocket App Camp for Girls GamerGate JWZ Example 1 & 2 Overcast changes for Apple Watch Are watches destined to replace smartphones? What were the first iPhone apps we downloaded? Sponsored by: Glide: Beautifully simple, professional app creation. Preorder now on Kickstarter. Hover: The best way to buy and manage domain names. Use coupon code GLASSHALFEMPTY for 10% off. Fracture: Photos printed in vivid color directly on glass. Use code ATP15 for 15% off your first order. (Marco's app-icon Fractures)

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