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122: My Results Were Inconclusive

June 19, 2015102 min
Follow-up: John loses leaves his wallet John on losing his wallet on ATP #121 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Casey's discontinued Yubi Wallet Marco's Slimmy Wallet runs on CloudKit The MacBook One and Photos iOS 9 and QuickType Casey on iOS 9 Picture-In-Picture Bitcode Platforms State of the Union Change in session description (at the bottom) John's Swift article John's tweet about ARM Macs LLVM Bitcode file format LLVM IR encoding LLVM assembly language Marco on app signing crashes in 2012 vDSP Autolayout Launch image storyboards Developing for future, especially new screen sizes ClockKit Complications session Swift 2 and Swift for Linux Node.js Pandemic PR release footers Python Java Go Rust PHP Pebble SDK WebObjects Protocol-Oriented Programming at WWDC Gang of Four Design Patterns Javascript ES6 C# extension methods Ruby Mixin The future of Swift, and when to dive in Build & Analyze Casey's Website Post-Show: Language wonks When do you adopt a new language? Signs that point to Swift ARC Sponsored by: Automatic: Your smart driving assistant. Get $20 off with this link. Igloo: An intranet you'll actually like. Squarespace: Build it beautiful. Use promo code ATP for 10% off your first purchase.

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