Accidental Tech Podcast

134: Who Did It Firster?

September 10, 2015182 min
Pre-show: Casey, Plex, his Synology, and transcoding Don Melton's scripts DLNA DS214Play TouchID and "S" iPhones iPhone crescent moon Safari pinned tabs markup W3 mailing list Apple September Event Apple Watch [New watch metals and bands] watchOS 2, custom complications, apps, and Overcast Is the Apple Watch doomed? iPad Pro Paper Paper Pencil Surface Keyboard Cover Wacom Cintiq Apple TV CEC TV Specs HIG Steelseries Nimbus Requiring game controllers Thomas Was Alone The Goodfellas podcast Parallax images in the HIG & creation iPhones 6S 3D Touch Upgrade Program Sapphire lens cover Zooming 4K Sponsored by: Cards Against Humanity: A free party game for horrible people. This week's toaster Casper: A mattress with just the right sink, just the right bounce, for better nights and brighter days. Use code ATP for $50 off. Fracture: Photos printed in vivid color directly on glass. Use code ATP15 for 15% off. Also consider: Donating to St. Jude Children's Hospital and support friend-of-the-show Stephen Hackett's family and children in need.

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