Accidental Tech Podcast

151: The Opposite of Final

January 8, 2016102 min
Follow-up: UpThere AWS Little Snitch Upthere's response EC2 iPhone 7 Headphone Jack New USB-C peripherals for the MacBook One Griffin "MagSafe" Hyper USB-C Hub CES E3 Swift Code of Conduct linux-kernel mailing list Randi Harper (FreeBSDGirl)'s post Swift proposal for default final Method swizzling Jordan Rose What does Swift mean for Go and Rust? Post-show grab bag: RIP WebObjects? Chevy Bolt Faraday FFZero1 Mechanical "Apple Watch" Space Black Milanese Tag Heuer Connected Flip camera FitBit Blaze Withings Activité Steel Internet of Things Sponsored by: Igloo: An intranet you’ll actually like. Try Igloo for free. Warby Parker: Boutique-quality, vintage-inspired glasses at a revolutionary price. Try up to five pairs at home for free. With over 180,000 audiobooks, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Get a free 30-day trial. Armada Ready Player One Ready Player One on the Incomparable

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