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169: My Fingers Are Still Moving

May 13, 2016139 min
Casey's iPhone battery woes John's drug days in Reconcilable Differences #25: Zarro Droogs Tesla's In-Car Purchase BMW N55 AccessPort BMW Performance Power Kit Follow-up: Mere-exposure effect New York Times article on Apple meeting with podcasters Marco's response Federico's response Upgrade #88: Happy Apple Watch Users Overcast link to relevant segment Viv & Hound The difference between Siri and Viv Knowledge Navigator Apple ATG Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: New Instagram Icon A tour of bad food Sponsored by: Fracture: Photos printed in vivid color directly on glass. Use promo code ATP10 for 10% off your first order. FreshBooks: Online invoicing made easy. Backblaze: Online backup for $5/month. Native. Unlimited. Unthrottled. Uncomplicated.

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