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170: Casey Beats John, 29–29

May 20, 2016112 min
Buy ATP 2016 T-shirts by June 3! Follow-up: Foodgate 2016 Yale/Harvand Bing bans "tech support" ads Debunking an Apple/podcasting conspiracy theory App Store approval times Under the Radar #27 Cabel's tweet Drinking bird Google I/O Keynote Google Home Weebles Google Allo Ello Font size interaction demo Google Duo & Knock Knock Android N Vulkan OpenGL ES Apple Metal AMD Mantle JIT compilation Multitasking Instant Apps OpenDoc Android Wear 2.0 Graffiti Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: Compulsive app quitters Sponsored by: Pingdom: Uptime and performance monitoring made easy. Use code ATP for 20% off. Automatic: Your smart driving assistant. Get $20 off with this link. Ring: Put your mind at ease and protect your home with the world’s most advanced video doorbell.

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