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178: Mama Needs That Pokémon

July 14, 2016103 min
Follow-up: Hackintoshes work sometimes Charles Perry's Mac Mini Story Contour Design RollerMouse Pro2 Casey's 5K iMac (Late 2015, 4GHz i7) Woes WindowServer: GPU Driver appears to be hung (over 5 continous seconds of unreadiness) Later RTFU tweet Planet of the Apps Clockwise #145: I've Always Wanted to Have a French Accent Original New York Times article from March Indie Game: The Movie Phil Fish Prospect Productions' Works Pokémon Go Ingress Niantic Ramp Champ Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: Tesla Autopilot Sponsored by: Betterment: Investing made better. Hover: The best way to buy and manage domain names. Use coupon code ITSNOTTHERAM for 10% off your first purchase. Pingdom: Uptime and performance monitoring made easy. Use code ATP for 20% off.

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