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179: Free-to-Play Dogs

July 21, 2016109 min
Follow-up: Casey's iMac Feedback Pushover Pokémon Go Science Museum of Virginia's Pokémon announcement Maymont Park's exclusive event Rent-a-dog SoftBank to buy ARM Recode's take Gorilla Glass Apple hardware stagnation Stephen Hackett's laptop reviews How does Marco's Sidetrack work? Fast Fourier transform Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: What's appropriate to talk about on ATP? Erasure Randy Pausch's Last Lecture Sponsored by: Indochino: Finely crafted, exceptionally priced menswear. Get any custom-made suit for just $399 with code ATP. TrackR: Find lost items in seconds. Get 30% off your entire order with code ATP. Betterment: Investing made better.

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