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187: Putting Plastic on Your Couches

September 15, 2016119 min
Home button habits New iOS 10 home button behavior Settings → General → Accessibility → Home Button Widespread home-button conservation The iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case is larger than the 6's Apple iPhone 7 Leather Case's side buttons Are the Lightning EarPods digital? DAC Lightning → Headphone Jack Adapter AirPods Controls AirPods use Bluetooth Bluetooth, codecs, and audio quality MP3 AAC FLAC AptX A2DP ALAC How would Steve Jobs pitch the AirPods? iPhones 7 Cameras Matthew Panzarino's review AVCaptureDeviceType (see builtInDuoCamera) f-number EXIF Schiller on sensor size on Twitter Schiller on sensor size via email Ben McCarthy on manual controls Xbox Kinect Noise reduction Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: What did we order? A special John Siracusa rant Sponsored by: Linode: Get one of the fastest, most efficient SSD cloud servers for only $10/month. Use code AccidentalPodcast10 for a $10 credit. Fracture: Photos printed in vivid color directly on glass. Igloo: An intranet you’ll actually like. Try Igloo for free.

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