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188: $850 Fidget Cube

September 22, 2016109 min
Follow-up: "Far East" → "East Asia" The Casey/John Bet Luke Brewster Henrik Cednert Assistive Touch and East Asia Scott O'Reilly discovers a Lightning → Headphone adapter quirk Demonstration video Fix is forthcoming There is a DAC in the headphone adapter Three amplifiers in the iPhones 7? Jet Black iPhone 7 John on worn iPhones looking like the Millennium Falcon Worn original iPhone Designed Deterioration Fingerprints Poor Christina Warren 😢 John on designing electronics for wear and tear Hypercritical #5 (starting at 37:05) Hypercitical #74 (starting at 1:46:04) Hypercitical #86 (starting at 28:00) Transcoding and Bluetooth headphones Marc Edwards Our new phones Pace, by Dovenote Software Marco on the local news (Direct video link) Flophouse #37: Seven Pounds Radiation Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: AirPods vs. IEMs Apple and McLaren Rebuttal Not Maclaren Apex Apple "refocusing" the car project? Sponsored by: Pingdom: Uptime and performance monitoring made easy. Use code ATP for 20% off. Linode: Get one of the fastest, most efficient SSD cloud servers for only $10/month. Use code AccidentalPodcast10 for a $10 credit. Betterment: Investing made better.

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