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189: The Museum of Pristine Apple Hardware

September 29, 2016112 min
Follow-up: OWC iMac RAM update Headphone jack remote issue: solved! Assistive Touch in East Asia iCloud backups on iOS 10 now include passwords? Bluetooth and volume control (PDF) AVRCP Why are there three audio chips in the iPhone 7? (You won't believe what we found! The full story at 11.) McLaren, technology, F1, and the F1 John is hypercritical, but is he a hypocrite? macOS Sierra Dropbox Project Infinite Jason Snell's review Jumpcut Pastebot iPhone 7 Plus "Fauxkeh" Portrait Mode Lex Friedman's shots Comparison shots vs. dSLR Panzarino on the blur mechanics Upgrade #108 Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: Museums and pocket policies Sponsored by: Igloo: An intranet you’ll actually like. Try Igloo for free. Fracture: Photos printed in vivid color directly on glass. Get 10% off your first order with this link. TrackR: Find lost items in seconds. Get 30% off your entire order with code ATP.

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