Accidental Tech Podcast

77: Full-Stack Businessperson

August 8, 2014117 min
Casey wants to be the pre-show DJ Journey Soundtrack Transport Tycoon TT Original MIDI Music TT Remastered MP3 Music OpenTTD Follow-up: Mavericks, Gmail, and Apple and IBM John's review status Synergy Overcast status Mixing server roles for burst capacity nice Weighing feedback Macs with ARMs (in contrast to bubbles with feet) Jean-Louis Gassée's article MVNO MacBook Air Specs iPad Air Specs MacBook Air Geekbench iPad Air Geekbench Mac Power Users Making money in the App Store Jared Sinclair's blog post Planet Money on discussing salaries Fast Text (iTunes Link) sales Opacity Express Jakub Świadek topLayoutGuide Justin Williams on business Jazzychad's post on games Stephen Orth on a different kind of App Store success Justin Williams - "90 days" Stuart Hall - "An App Store Experiment" Post-show: Rube Goldberg Machine Casey's terrible fast-food preferences Fazoli's Ultimate Sampler Casey's "breadsticks" Sonic Drive-In Shake Shack Five Guys Cook-Out Boar's Head Natural Casing Beef Frankfurters Lothar's Gourmet Sausages Sponsored by: TopBrewer: A revolutionary built-in coffee system for the home or small business. Fracture: Photos printed in vivid color directly on glass. Use code ATP for 15% off. Marco's app-icon Fractures (First 25 people: Use code marcofree for a free small square Fracture). Need: A refined retailer and lifestyle magazine for men. Email here after ordering to get some bonuses and 25% off your next order.

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