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79: Tip Ring Ring Sleeve

August 21, 201494 min
Pre-show: Relay FM and Casey's new show about feelings Follow-up: Rumored Lightning cable with reversible USB end, too Lightning cables breaking at the strain-delay cuff PVC Apple's official cable Amazon's knockoffs Monoprice's knockoffs Cables' Springy Bits TRRS connector Non-spammy Verizon DNS Console sales How do you pronounce "Haxe"? Twitter continues to try to ruin itself Being a completionist versus following Glenn Fleishman Twitterrific with unified timelines and Tweetbot without Build an Acura in a tweet! and Tent iTunes 12 Will iTunes ever get a complete rewrite or have functionality spun off into multiple apps? Photos in Yosemite Post-show: Non-ideal times to decide whether to have another baby or write another OS X review How old is Stephen Hackett, really? Could you use an iOS device as a media-sync host for an iPod? Transferring large files over wireless (including Eye-Fi cards) Sponsored by: Casper: A mattress with just the right sink, just the right bounce, for better nights and brighter days. Use code ATP for $50 off. Backblaze: Online backup for $5/month. Native. Unlimited. Unthrottled. Uncomplicated. Squarespace: A better web starts with your website. Use promo code ATP for 10% off.

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