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86: Moving the Party to the Bar Down the Block

October 8, 201497 min
Trends in social networks Broadcast Ello (@marcoarment, @caseyliss, @johnsiracusa, @atpfm) Cupcake The Talk Show #74: Glenn Fleishmann explains Bitcoin Follow-up: iPhone 6 Plus Scaling (mostly thanks to Hendrik's research) Dev Forums Hendrik's video Test pattern Source of the image-of-text from last week Forum post about scaling adding detail More on the bendy iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Consumer Reports Uri Gellar Continued iPhone 6 impressions Grips Apple Leather Case Apple Silicone Case Valentine Goods leather backs Louie Mantia on sizes Post-show: More on the iPhones 6 screens Gamecube controllers Adapter for Wii U It is supposedly compatible with more than just Super Smash Bros F-Zero Sponsored by: Neat Ice Kit: Create perfect, clear ice for cocktails at home (Casey's review). Use coupon ATP for 10% off anything in the Studio Neat store. Hover: The best way to buy and manage domain names. Use coupon INVISIBLESPREADSHEET for 10% off. Squarespace: A better web starts with your website. Use coupon ATP for 10% off.

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